Educational Dimensions

Services-Continuing Nursing Education

Educational Dimensions develops CNE activities through program credentialing, a process involving educational needs assessment, curriculum design, development of behavioral objectives and a number of other required elements to qualify as a continuing education activity. It is a rigorous but worthwhile process, since it ensures a quality program.

Faculty credentialing is a critical part of program credentialing that deserves special attention. Our partners want to offer well-designed and well-presented educational programs, so we work to ensure the proper credentialing of the faculty we select to present an educational activity. All faculty are required to have documented qualifications to teach CNE programs and Educational Dimensions will make sure this is accomplished in a timely fashion.

Certification is the final step in the CNE process. Upon completion of the educational activity, the Provider will issue a written certificate validating attendance and successful completion. Educational Dimensions maintains a record of attendance for eight years following course completion and can respond quickly in the event of audits by authorized agencies.

Educational Dimensions is approved as a Provider by the Boards of Nursing in California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia and West Virginia.

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