Educational Dimensions


Educational Dimensions is a full service education consultation company, dedicated to helping meet your company’s education goals.  As experts in adult learning and the learning process, we will help you develop a quality education activity, adding value to your training activities and professional development. Whether you require specialized training for your sales force, complete instructional design of a new educational activity or updating and enhancement of your existing program, Educational Dimensions is skilled at providing quality educational products and services.

In developing a custom education program, Educational Dimensions begins with an assessment of learning needs and works with subject matter experts to design a complete educational program. We can develop supportive media, speakers’ notes and handouts for a faculty-directed activity, or design an independent study module. If you wish, we can ensure that your educational activity meets requirements for continuing education credits.

Do you have an educational program that needs improvement? Do you have a media presentation that needs editing or updating? Don’t let outdated transparencies or overcrowded slides interfere with your important educational content. Do you want to be sure your video script is free of dated references? We can review your material to prevent costly “re-dos” of your video production. We can ensure that all program media components are complementary and contribute to your program.

Would your sales force profit from improved presentation skills? Why wonder if distracting habits generate poor evaluations? Novice and experienced speakers can benefit from individual review of presentation techniques and custom coaching for effective presentations.

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